Wednesday, April 20, 2016

"Are you experienced?" email from Elder Adam Younce dated 4/20/16

Email from 4/20/16

Before I explain my title, I would like to talk about some other things.

So we have made a habit of going to the house of our investigator,
Michele, for lunch every Sunday after church. He is my favorite person
on my mission so far for so many reasons. I talked about him a few
weeks ago but y'all probably don't remember that. We visit with him
and his family and eat the best food ever. This last week he made a
lasagna for us that can only be described as celestial. He makes fun
of us and his kids the entire time but we are all rolling in laughter
the entire time even if he is picking on us. Usually he picks on our
clothes but this last time I wore my grey suit and he was super
impressed. I don't know if that is a good thing though because he has
a very strange fashion sense. He loves super overly fat ties and suits
with insane amounts of buttons. He had my companion try on a suit of
his that has 6 buttons so that we could only see a little bit of his
tie and his collar. He seems to be a very happy person but I can tell
he gets pretty lonely because he has had a rough life. He used to have
a good job as a dentist and a beautiful family of a wife and 2 kids
and good health but then all that was taken away from him. He got very
sick and could no longer work so he lost his business and his wife
left him soon afterward. She took all his money and their house in the
ensuing divorce. So now he lives in this little, one room basement
apartment where he used to run his practice and he only sees his kids
on the weekend. I saw pictures of him even just 10 years ago and he
was a healthy, happy individual but now he is bent over with scoliosis
and has lost everything. He seems to be a "forever investigator" but
when I visit with him I don't feel like I am wasting my time. He is a
child of God who needs our emotional and spiritual support as much as
anyone. He has made great strides to try to obey the word of wisdom
but he still needs time before he will recognize why he needs to
baptized and I have no doubt that it will happen some day. He showed
us how to make an Italian apple cake last time we were over and it was
super good.

Ok now I will explain the title. On Friday we had a lunch appointment
with an investigator named Vito. He is an interesting guy with a very
interesting house. He has a bunch of classic rock albums hanging on
the walls and a bunch more in stacks all over the apartment (which I
could have looked at for hours) and he showed us how to make home made
pasta with mushrooms. While we were cooking he asked if he could put
on some music and while we explained what type of music we are
supposed to listen to, he went ahead and put on the album by the Jimi
Hendrix Experience called "Are You Experienced?" which happens to be
one  of my favorite albums ever. When I heard the first chords of
Purple Haze play I had mixed feelings but found myself doing a silent
fist pump. I'll attach some pictures of us making the pasta.

Last week I talked about the talk by Elder Holland in the last general
conference and I would like to talk about another one this week. While
being here I have had a lot of first hand experiences with refugees
from Africa and the Middle East and I found that the words given by
Elder Kearon were absolutely inspired. His talk was entitled "Refuge
from the Storm" and in it he addressed the issue of refugees and how
it is our duty as humans, supporters of freedom, and as Christians to
help them in this their time of need. I have talked to these people
who are trying their hardest not to be a burden to others but still
are in need of food and shelter. They do not want to hurt anyone and,
in fact, the ones I have met so far have been some of my favorite
people I have ever met. If you haven't read or listened to this talk,
I urge you to because it honestly changed my whole outlook on the
refugee situation in Europe and the United States. Anyways, my time is
almost up so I should probably close out.

Vi voglio bene!

Anziano Younce

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