Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Safely at the MTC- 2/5/2016

Hey guys! 
I was told to write a quick email since it isn't my P-day but I arrived at the MTC safely and to be honest, didn't think about home or family until I wrote in my journal that night.  I feel blessed that my companions (yes there are two of them since I am in a trio) are amazing and want to be just as obedient as I do. 
Anziano K. is from St. George, Utah and is pretty quiet but I can tell he can feel the spirit strongly and has a strong testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He was called as our senior companion and the sacrament coordinator for our zone. Anziano P. (yes he has some Italian in him) is from Tennessee and is nuts. He has a very prominent personality and has been called as one of the zone leaders. I have been called as a district leader and am happy to serve in that capacity. 
Our zone is tiny so our jobs are a little easier than some zone and district leaders as there are 7 Anziani and 14 Sorelli (plural sister missionaries). I am so excited that there are so many Sisters serving the Lord. There are more now than at any other time by the looks of it and hopefully this trend continues because we definitely will need their help.  
I'll write a longer email on Thursday but until then, alla possimo!

         Anziano Younce

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